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Apologies but we're not accepting guest posts at present

Pitch or submit a guest post

Digibloom blog is a growing resource for small business owners. I'm interested to hear from guest writers, bloggers, and nerds wishing to share their expertise via original, informative articles to be published exclusively on Digibloom blog. Please familiarise yourself with my site content and brand voice (i.e. not corporate!), read the below guidelines, and get in touch if you feel you can offer a valuable piece for Digibloom readers! In return you will be credited, linked to, shared on social media, and admired by many! 

I'm particularly interested in guest posts aimed at small businesses that follow these subject lines:

  • Pitching to retailers/press/magazines/bloggers
  • How-to articles and tutorials
  • Case studies and inspirational stories
  • Marketing, social media, SEO, branding and photography tips
  • Technology & digital software/hardware tips
  • Free or useful resources
  • Business tips for tradespeople
  • Wholesaling tips
  • Tax, accounting, and finance tips
  • Insights and analytics tips
  • Intellectual property & trademarking tips

ARTICLE Guidelines

  • Articles should be 500 to 1000 words and include high quality images in line with Digibloom brand (or I can assist with sourcing images).
  • The article must be your own work - not plagiarised or re-hashed from other posts. 
  • Images must be your own, used with permission from owner, or royalty free.
  • Do not use any affiliate links.
  • Do not publish the article elsewhere e.g. on your own blog.
  • Please do include a photo of yourself and bio (short paragraph) with 1 link to your website and 1 link to a social media account. 
  • Feel free to go crazy with the social sharing once the post is published!

How To Submit

Either use my contact form to submit your pitch or article, or email me at: heidi[at] Please paste content or attach via Word file or PDF. I will respond as soon as possible with a yes or no as to publishing (picky with finding a good fit!) It may be posted as it is, or with edits. Full post credit will go to your fabulous self!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Do you want to host a competition/giveaway for your brand but don't have the time or expertise to set it up and run it? I currently offer free giveaway hosting to small businesses to help extend your reach.

Why opt for this?

  • Free promotion! Working together to reach new humans.
  • I have oodles of experience of running giveaways for large and small brands (e.g. Etsy UK and Etsy sellers).
  • I can help you reach your target market, raise awareness, and on-board new audiences.
  • I can draft your basic Terms and Conditions.
  • The giveaways are usually run via Rafflecopter app that collates all the information so you'll have e.g. a list of email addresses for your newsletter, or via Gleam app that usually gets more engagement (but less data).
  • You choose how people enter e.g. whether they sign up to your emails, follow you on Instagram, tweet about the giveaway, etc.
  • Running a giveaway will increase traffic to your chosen site (blog/shop/social, etc). Screenshot of metrics graph from my December blog giveaway:
Running a small business giveaway on Digibloom blog to increase traffic

How does it work?

  • You contact me to pitch your prize. If I think it's a good fit for a Digibloom giveaway, I'll be in touch for further information.
  • You provide the prize, and I set up and run the competition (i.e. I do the work!) The app (e.g. Rafflecopter or Gleam) will be embedded in my blog, and you can embed it into your blog/website or Facebook page using the same code.
  • You choose several options for entry e.g. entrants should visit your Instagram, sign up to your newsletter, etc. I choose several of my own to add to the list.
  • I draft the T&C and launch the competition via my social media accounts. You post about it or share my posts. During the giveaway we both post about it regularly. I randomly pick a winner. You contact them and post their prize. Simples! 

If you're interested, please contact me via the button below:


Please email me to discuss advertising options such as displaying your brand's banner in my blog sidebar. I offer reduced rates for smaller businesses!

Affiliates & Disclosure

I sometimes use affiliate links in posts featuring products, or in my Pinterest picks, whereby I earn a small commission if you purchase one of the fabulous items you see featured on Digibloom. This means you're helping not only the designer, but also to keep my tea jar topped up at no extra cost to you. Any posts containing affiliate links will be marked as such, and have no influence over my product selections.

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