Etsy Shop Makeover for Small Business Package

Etsy Shop Makeover
Etsy Shop Makeover

Etsy Shop Makeover for Small Business Package

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  • A former Etsy admin (me!) signs in and blitzes your shop.

  • You'll receive a personalised review with a summary of what has been implemented.

  • This includes recommendations for growing and maintaining your shop in future.

  • Ideal for those just starting out, or if you're not sure what you're doing & the best ways to get your items found!

Introductory rates for 2016-2017.

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Hours of makeover goodness:
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  • Not getting many views? I will target your shop seo hotspots with my strong keywords in all the right places and Etsy experience from having worked there previously! This is with a view to leveraging your listings in Etsy relevance searches and Google search results, to give your shop/products a better chance to be found by more shoppers. 
  • Getting views but no sales? I'll advise on what I perceive to be customer barriers-to-buying and provide possible solutions.
  • Your shop review will pinpoint any missing content and improvements to be addressed.
  • Not only will your shop/items be optimised, but you'll be armed with tips and personal recommendations to continue growing your business long after we've said "tally-ho!" 
  • With my advice, your shop will be organised and more professional in appearance (if needed), thus being more feature-worthy and increasing trust in potential customers.
  • All of the above (and more!) will be implemented at your convenience while you're doing the creative stuff you enjoy!
Heidi did an Etsy Shop Makeover on my shop Pygmy Cloud - I highly recommend it! It saved me so much time and most importantly boosted my sales. Thanks Heidi!
— Diana Stainton


Choose how much time to invest in your shop makeover using the dropdown menu at the top and click 'purchase'. A form will appear as if by magic to collect your details so I can get in touch with you. We'll discuss your requirements and time slot by email prior to the work commencing. 

Shop/listing research and summary write-up usually takes about an hour of the makeover/review. Need something a bit different? Try my custom package!

If you have a question or enquiry, click the button below to send me a message:


Please note: Nobody can 100% guarantee the success of your shop. The advice and information you receive will help optimise your shop to the best possible standard that I can personally deliver with my knowledge and experience. The rest is up to you - I can offer advice and opinions but you must take on board the advice, and work to update and improve your shop regularly to benefit from changes. All Etsy shops are different and many factors are involved, so some will see more of an impact than others. For more information, please read my Disclaimer | Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions.